Colossal Du: Is it Tougher than You?
Jan 11, 2014

5K, 12 mile, 2 mile Duathlon
Presented in conjunction with Tagg Running Events

Break the Winter Training Madness with a Beast of a season opener.

Get your low gears ready to climb, and climb come more.
We've matched one of the toughest 5Ks in Southern Arizona with a hilly 12 Mile bike course, finish with a 2 mile run in breathtaking Colossal Cave Mountain Park.
You are Tougher than you think.

Pick up Packets on Race Day starting at 7:00 am
Race Day registration is also available with cash or check.

Colossal Cave Mountain Park
16721 E. Old Spanish Trail Vail AZ, 85641
5:30 am transition area opens:
7:30 am race start

5K run: Hilly for the first 1.2 miles and than it gets really painful. Up, Up, Up to the cave parking area.  Water stop at the top looks like heaven. Follow the light!

12 Mile bike: Two 6 mile loops in and around the mountain park. The roads are paved, but rough and sometimes rocky.  I mean, it's called a Mountain Park for a reason.  There are cattle guards and broken pavement in spots.  DO NOT over inflate your tires. They could blow. Take a second loop at the gate.  Road Bike or TT bike? Your call. Either one will be bumpy on the rough and crawl up the smooth roads and hills like a champ. You could do Mt. Bike, but I wouldn't.

2 mile Run: Guess what? You get to repeat the first Mile of hills.  Don't cry. We'll let you turn around before the Cave mountain and come back. You're welcome.

PERKS: CC mountain park is bringing out some space heaters.  We should have some lovely refreshments as well as food/beverages for purchase. And this year, complimentary Hot Cocoa. 


Q: Where is the transition area? Will we start the first run from there, too?

A: Transition is on the West edge of the parking area. I put some bright colored text and things over the "site map" pdf link above- that gives you a good idea. Yes, the start and finish areas are very along side the transition area for both runs.

Q: Will there be anybody helping to control traffic at the two turns onto and off of Pistol Hill?

A: Yes, we will have off duty police and volunteers on the two Pistol Hill turns.

Q: Will you have racks for our bikes in transition?

A: Yes, we will have racks in transition. They are the typical steal tube racks that you hang your bike seat on.

Q: Will you have food/drink available on the course? If so, what?

A: Yes, at the lap area we will have and aid station Hammer gels, Hammer drinks in cups, and bottled water with flip tops. 

Q: We had a treacherous time running across the cattle guards. Any chance you might place some rubber mats across them?

A: We are putting down plywood over the cattle guards. Hopefully that will help ease the cattle guard rumbles.

Please send us any feedback that you have. Love it!

QUESTION?: Email Kate 

or Steve

COlossal du bike course.pdf COlossal du bike course.pdf
Size : 2020.585 Kb
Type : pdf
Approximate courses- may change according to Pima permit requirements
CC Site Map.pdf CC Site Map.pdf
Size : 63.976 Kb
Type : pdf
Site map shows parking/transition
Colossal Du 5K .pdf Colossal Du 5K .pdf
Size : 2327.867 Kb
Type : pdf
2 mile is the same route- just run early- at mile 1 marker.
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