March 1, 2014: 8 am start at
The Pecan Store
1625 E Sahuarita Rd
Sahuarita, AZ 85629

Join us for the Nut Run 5K in the budding Pecan groves at Green Valley Pecan Company, Sahuarita. Take on an extra challenge with a 10-12 mile Fat Tire bike course and top it off with another 5K in Pecan Du.  We ride and run on hard packed farm roads in the groovy groves. It's a happy race in a happy place.

Visit the Pecan Store for natural nuts, candied pecans, pies, and more.  Take something home to share! 


Feb 28: NO PACKET PICK UP- due to small numbers.  

Same day registration will be available to all athletes- shirt sizes are limited and not garaunteed to same day registrants.

March 1:

6:30 am- 5K Bib pick up and same day reg

6:30 am- Transition area opens/ Body Marking

8:00 am- Duathlon  and Nut Run Start together

10:30 am- approximate award time: We wait for the last Duathlete to cross the finish line.

Final Instructions:
It's almost Race Day! Thanks for signing up early.  The race team went out on a pre-ride last week and the course is rockin' fast and gorgeous. The trees are still bare and the groves are peaceful and quiet. It's a great place to ride and run

6:30 am- Packet pick up and same day registration
6:30 am- Transition area opens/ Body Marking
8:00 am- 5K Only and Duathlon Start together on the 5K course.
Awards shortly after the race: 5K athletes mix, mingle, and enjoy the pecans until duathletes finish.
Duathlon takes about 2 hours.

5K only athletes: You will be running with the Duathletes for the first 5K.  When they go into transition, you round the transition area following chalk lines to the finishing chute.  Awards may be presented early for you, but please plan on award time shortly after the Du.  You are welcome to leave whenever you need to in order to facilitate your schedule.  SteveTaggart is responsible for awards.  You may want to check with him about your awards if you need to leave early for any reason.

Duathlon: BRING ID and USAT card to packet pick up. USAT rules and regulations for off road are enforced.  The results will be reported to USAT and count toward your individual ranking.

There will be plenty of room in the transition area.  Please remember, you must have a helmet to compete and bar end plugs are required.  Drafting should not be an issue in this event, but please do not ride two abreast and keep a respectful and safe distance from other athletes.  Runners and bikers will share the road at times. If by chance there is a walker or runner in your way, they may be lost or off course. Please be careful and yield to them.  There are open ditches and the course sometimes uses thin bridges to cross those ditches. Be cautious and in tune to your surroundings. Keep yourself safe.

This is a fat tire recommended course.  It is on hard packed dirt roads with a few bumps or sandy spots on the route. There may be ruts, pipes, or branches on the course.  Safety is our primary concern.  That being said, it is as smooth and fast as you will find a mountain bike course. You are welcome to go as fast as you can safely navigate the terrain.  There are two places where volunteers will direct you to slow down and use caution. Be aware that this is for your safety and the safety of other athletes.  Please follow volunteer instructions. The course is marked with cones and white field chalk.  Follow the field chalk and you can't go wrong.

Timing and splits are done manually. The timing team needs to be able to see your bib number in order to time your splits.  If it is not visible, they may ask you for your number. Please shout it to them as you pass the timing tables at the transition area to be sure you have your split times marked.  Body markings are for timing and for Bike ID- we will match your body markings to your bike number to check in and out of transition. 

A special thanks to our host venue, FICO/ The Green Valley Pecan Company.  They work us between their harvest and regrowth schedule for this event.  Also, thanks to Green Valley Bike and Hike for bike support and for fencing and gift certificates.  Thanks to Tammy Farnsworth, our ViSalus rep and refreshment provider. If you get a chance to thank our sponsors by frequenting their businesses, that would be greatly appreciated.

Our beneficiary for this event is the Sahuarita Community 4H. They send out volunteers, so thank a volunteer for helping.

And Thank you for Rockin' with us.
Kate Anderson and Anderson Racing Adventures, LLC
Steve Taggart and Tagg Running Events.

Q: What is the course like?
A: The 5K is nearly identical to Breeze in the Trees 5K.  The bike will go farther North and wrap around the Pecan groves on hard-packed dirt roads. Approximate course maps will be available before Feb 1, but they are subject to change by Pecan staff for athlete safety.

Q: What the heck do you mean by Fat Tire race?
A: Because the course is on dirt, you will probably want to ride a mountain bike, cruiser bike, or change out your slender road tires for a wider set in case you hit soft spots in the course.  The course is fairly smooth, but there are a few bumpy spots and sandy spots. If it rains, there would be mud as well. Fat Tires make all of that easy to bike through. And they sound fun, too.

Q: What's the deal with the $12 fee?
A: USA Triathlon is the sanctioning body for this event. They require that each athlete purchase a day pass or an annual membership in order to provide secondary insurance coverage in case of accident or injury. This is a protection for you as an athlete, for the race directors, and for the owners of the property.  It also provides you with the opportunity to gain a national ranking. After participating in two duathlons, USAT will rank you against your peers.

Q: Can we ride or run the course beforehand?
A: No. Green Valley Pecan Company is a working farm with heavy machinery and laborers working daily.  The farm kindly allows our athletes to participate in this event, but asks that athletes please refrain from trying to train on company property prior to it. Please feel free to visit the Pecan Store and look over the parking area.  Please do not attempt to run or ride the course before race day.

Q: How do Relay teams work?
A: One or two runners and a cyclist make up the relay team.  There is a relay box designated by the Run In/Out entrance of the transition area. After the first 5K, the runner should tag his or her team member in the box. The cyclist should then jog to his or her bike, remove it from the rack, and jog to the mount/dismount like. After completing the bike, the cyclist racks his or her bike and then tags his or her teammate for the last 5K leg. The runner completes the course and crosses the finish line. The other relay members should be by the finishing chute, cheering wildly! #cheer

Q: Why are you writing all over me with Markers?
A: Three reasons: Gear ID, Timing, and Competition
-Gear ID- Your Body Markings will match your bib number and your bike number. We will match your bike with your markings as you enter and exit the transition area, just to make sure everyone leaves with the proper bike. Only marked athletes are allowed in transition.
-Timing- Timers need to see your race number as you enter and exit transition and as you cross the finish line. The more places we can see your number, the less likely it is that we'll have to have you tell it to us. We know you're workin' out, we want to let you save your breath :)
-Competition- We mark your age on your left calf so that athletes can see who is competing in their age division. Sometimes its fun to push yourself a little harder to try and pass up that other 29 year old... I've been passing my fellow 29 year olds for 13 years now.

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